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It’s time to update this list of our hottest online niches for 2019!

One of the most challenging parts of starting an online business in Canada is choosing a profitable niche. We have less competition within our borders than we would in large markets like the US. However, we still need to select products that are in demand, while not being in a saturated niche or easily obtained locally. We also have to stay away from items easily obtained from the US (such as those that ship inexpensively in an envelope).

My Secret Weapon – Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is the perfect way to lower the risk of choosing the wrong niche. With no inventory to worry about, we can test run virtually any product through a website, auction or sellers’ market like Amazon. Drop shipping is a business model in itself, so you may decide to continue with it or bring in the best selling products for resale and continue drop shipping other products. The most popular drop shipping suppliers among Canadians are Wholesale2B and World Wide Brands. For more information about drop shipping in Canada, please read Drop Shipping / Wholesale for Canadian Sellers.

Testing the Waters with Affiliate Programs

You can also test product popularity through affiliate programs. Simply find a merchant selling the product (or something similar) and use direct linking options to see how it sells for you. Obviously, you will need to verify that they ship to Canada if they’re located elsewhere. Your margins will be considerably lower than with drop shipping, but it’s a less intimidating option for some. An easy affiliate network to start with is Share-A-Sale. Check out The Best Affiliate Program Networks for Canadians for more options.

My Hottest Online Niches in Canada

I’ve worked with a lot of products and merchants at various levels for more than 20 years, which gives me unique insights into the online Canadian market. Following (in no particular order) are the most consistently lucrative product niches for me (and those I work for) this year.  Some have held steady from previous years and have proven to be solid, long-term earners.  Others are new online niches that appear to be winners right out of the gate.

  1. Specialty Fashion: Plus sizes
  2. Entrepreneur: Home business items revolving around organization, space-saving, efficiency.  Mobility is still huge across the business niche. Anything that helps people work and communicate on the fly has major potential, especially if you find a gap in what’s offered by the larger B2B (Business to Business) stores.
  3. Health & Fitness: Natural supplements, with a focus on more obscure or trending items. Also lucrative is the sale of anything that may be embarrassing for some to buy in person, such as adult incontinence products. Medicinal uses for Cannabis and it’s derivatives are huge right now.
  4. Easy Cooking: Instant Pot still rules, especially accessories and specialty niches, such as using it for specific diets (like Keto).
  5. Cannabis accessories has exploded as a niche since Canadian legalization last Fall. There’s still tons of room for novelty items, whether they’re already available or something you invent yourself. Additionally, it’s the new wine and with that comes the opportunity to serve the equivalent of “wine snobs”. Many people are looking for information, leaving the door wide open for content marketing.
  6. Pets: Natural everything, from food to toys. Note that Canada should reflect the American market per capita. The U.S. online pet food and supplies market is expected to reach USD 6.13 billion by 2025.
  7. Senior Citizens: Assisted living products and senior-friendly travel.
  8. Information Products: eBooks, whitepapers, and online courses. This niche does well for us because we can find info products on virtually any topic, allowing us to slip them into any niche.
  9. Reusable Shopping Bags & Utensils: It’s a little tougher to find suppliers but shopping bags do really well if you stick to novelty bags with nice designs in large sizes.  Reusable utensils are expected to be big as more cities ban single-use plastics. Anything that makes these items more environmentally friendly, including fast biodegration, has a lot of potential at the B2B level as well.
  10. Seasonal Decorations: This one can easily get out of hand so try to focus on truly unique items. Don’t be afraid to approach local artisans and crafters with consignment-type deals or the like. This is a great category for after-holiday discount shopping (retail arbitrage) if you have room to store items for the next season.  This past year, “old fashioned” replicas flew off the shelves, like the old red truck with a Christmas tree on it and handmade tree ornaments (or ornaments that look like they are handmade).

Tip:  If you need a website with Canadian currency, Canada Post shipping options, Canadian servers, etc., please read A Canadian Guide to Finding the Best eCommerce Platform Software and Checklist: Choosing a Website Host for your Canadian Business.

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